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The Siren's Serenade


Mermaids are rare mythical beings who love themselves without boundaries, guilt or hesitation. It's in our feminine nature to exude sensuality, compassion, and a listening ear to a lost soul. Mermaids are a healing vessel and our true skill is in transmuting healing information from above to below sea level and back. We are readers and translators between the two worlds.  

 We are here to nourish your desire for deep spiritual experience through sensual surrender. Mermaids encapsulate endurance and independence, revering in the feminine intensely. We embody the graceful flow of life; the moon cycles and tides that effect everyone. We are navigators of rough waters, strong and sensitive and natural empathic healers. As a mermaid, I envelope this social responsibility

I am Certified by The World Swimming Organization as a Mermaid Instructor. I would be ELATED to teach you how to mermaid swim. Let's personalize your mermaid experience, email me at: 

Sirena Sarah

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Monday - Saturday: By appointment only

Sunday: Closed

The secret of longevity- play!

Our bodies are made of water . . . swim with me and connect with yourself deeper, inside and out. Schedule your private swim instruction